The Team

Ray Price - Director

Ray Ray Price is a 2nd generation British born Barbadian, video journalist and documentary film-maker based in London and a former pupil of Alleyne School Barbados. Since studying Film and Video production, he has progressed from shooting student short films to working in studios and producing broadcast news packages in England, France and Holland. Having spent his childhood years in Barbados, the Island has always been close to heart. As Barbados celebrates 50 years of independence, the idea behind the film was to explore this concept and journey of independence. Navigating through a world that is increasingly becoming more interdependent and connected, how does this current generation of Barbadians view independence? For those that were born after 1966 and did not face the struggles of previous generations, does independence have any relevance? Through an exploration of these questions, Barbados’ history, music, poetry and discussion, Independence ‘A Bajan Story’ was born.  

Roy Thomas - Producer

 Roy Thomas is 1st generation British born Barbadian. He is a Business/Media consultant and a passionate story teller, having produced short films and corporate content in the UK. Always proud and conscious of his heritage, Roy was drawn to the project by the direct and honest questions it asked. One of the many aims of ‘A Bajan Story ’ was to retell Barbados’ independence story to the new generations of Barbadians especially those in the diaspora. The untold and forgotten stories of the hero’s and shero’s who paved the way for independence should remain fresh within the minds of each generation.

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