Ichirouganaim (Barbados) was originally inhabited by Arawaks then later Caribs before European colonisation of the Americas. When the Portuguese or  Spanish arrived on the island in the  1500's it was said to be uninhabited and full of bearded fig trees and did not settle, but called the island Los Barbudos, hence 'Barbados'

The history of the Barbados known today, started when the British arrived in 1625. This would herald a period of great prosperity and wealth for the British state through the exploitation of enslaved Africans and indentured servants. Some 339 years later Barbados gained Independence from Britain on November 1966. The years in between are a juxtapositioned mash of misery, pain, sacrifice, obedience, emancipation, devotion, wealth, politics, strength, rebellion and perseverance.  Many Barbadians view independence as a proud achievement especially for such a small island. However, some view this as pseudo independence. This documentary attempts to tell a story of Barbados’ journey towards independence focusing on major events and the country’s progression 50 years on. Due to the vast amount of events and characters that played a role in the independence movement over the centuries, many could not be included.

There were several objectives for starting this project the main reason was to commemorate the 50th year of independence. This prompted some reflection on the concept of independence which led to questions such as:

  • What type of independence does Barbados have?
  • What does independence mean to everyday Barbadians?
  • How has it impacted people’s lives, if so?
  • With Barbados rooted in British culture and values, what is the Barbadian identity?
  • Has this process of independence been completed? (50 years on )
  • What are the challenges faced by this current generation?  


The perspectives captured in this film are from a range of educators, politicians, social commentators, musicians and most importantly real Bajans.  We would love your comments on the film, and the content presented. We hope that this film starts to scratch the surface on these questions and plants a few thought seeds. All discussion and comments for the betterment of Barbados and the Bajan diaspora is welcomed via this website and facebook.  Hope you enjoy it.

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